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Women's OBGYN Care
Reliable. Professional. Friendly.


Women's health done right.

At Women’s OBGYN Care, we are dedicated to providing state of the art obstetrical and gynecologic services to women of Houston area. We strive to provide you the best possible care through all walks of your life from years of adolescent care to very special times like embracing motherhood or gracefully adjusting to menopausal years. We understand you have a choice in selecting your healthcare provider, and we are glad to provide your healthcare needs.


We hope to create a warm caring environment where the patient is a partner in the management of her health issues. Our office is equipped with state of the art electronic medical record system as well diagnostic modalities including ultrasound, fetal monitoring, colposcopy, & cryotherapy. We also offer many in office treatments as well as outpatient surgery options.


We always try to get patients into the office as soon as possible with urgent problems. In obstetrics we wish to bring you the highest level care for both you and your baby. We deliver our patients in a hospital with a level 3 nursery and 24 hour in-house anesthesiology.

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